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dinsdag 29 januari 2008

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Welcome on Emaille's Internet site!

Emaille's homepage I have started approximately in 1994th.

Emaille (dutch word for: Enamel) refers to a vitreous layer on useful objects. But also on jewels. Emaille reminds us of e.mail while this site also has the intention to stimulate electronic (virtual) communication. The name Emaille descends of a table conversation concerning the title of a user name. After that my Internet exploration had begun had then started adventures. Emaille started it's own life wich and so I coud no longer disconnect myself from the name which I gave the Internet site I started.


Browsen, surf, chatten, collect link's.


Creativity, and connecting people to people.


And learning to know more about other spots of the world.

Meanwhile the Internet site has been quite extended and if you want, you can stray hours. I wish everyone much pleasure on my Internet site. The result of a lot of hours of pleasure and work. By means of the mousemovements you can find a lot of link's and spots. Pages around this Internetsite and pages which I have found, outside this site.

Psychosocial work  was and related subjects gave the original viewpoint.

Camphuijsen Genealogy was added later

Camphuijsen Creative is the newest part of the site

Regulary I take the time to reorganise and improve the site, thus take your time, and excuse me if some clicks bring loose ends. Respond and share with me your findings.

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Communities and forums

Go see my gathered and taken pictures, from my walking and bikrides trough nature.
bullet Astro Chat
bulletan astrology related place to chat about personal stuff and/or get chat about signs and zodiac meanings from several perspectives
bullet With the website
bullet My ICQ site
bullet Exchanging thoughts and feelings

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